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Mac Advice
Ground Floor Ross House
247 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Fax: 03 9654 3629

Phone 03 9654 5800


Mac Advice provides more Macintosh training than any other business in Victoria. Over the last ten years we have provided Mac training for Apple Australia, the CAE, RMIT, Hewlett Packard, The Age, Apple User's Society and many Apple dealers.

How we train
At Mac Advice we tailor training sessions to suit your needs. You learn far more effectively in a personalised training session.
Many teachers know only the program they teach. Because we are Macintosh experts and trained teachers, we can help you on all aspects of many programs.
We take care to avoid talking in jargon.

Advanced or Specialised training
We have advanced or specialised training sessions for any Macintosh program.
Specialised training includes training for advanced Macintosh users who want to know about system software and troubleshooting.

Training fees
Our training rates start at $95 per hour (inc. GST).
We commonly recommend blocks of two to three hours each, but you can specify longer or shorter times.
If you require us to visit you on site, there is an extra fee of $50.00. No such charge applies if you come to us.

We also provide free phone support for those receiving training from Mac Advice.

Sessions can usually be arranged at times to suit your needs.
We can train outside regular business hours.